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Mini Introduction
Our vision is to help our clients grow by providing professional, innovative solutions that improve reliability, increase productivity and reduce the stress and frustration of running a company that requires data transmission to the internet. Our world class staff employ knowledge and experience towards skillful, economical and flexible strategies in order to help bridge the gap between server infrastructure and the living breathing organism that is your business. All the while we're helping your business perform at top technical efficiency we are constantly finding new and better equipment that will leave as small of a impact on our environment as possible.
Who We Are?
We are a group of professionals from different walks of life including ex-military.
What We Do?
IT services that can be tailored to your business's specific needs.
Why We Do It?
The bottom line is that we love what we do. As a group, we cannot think of anything better to do than wake up and contribute to arguably one of mankind’s greatest achievements!
Our Awesome Team
Raymond Belden
CEO & President
Raymond L. Belden is President & CEO of Cherrywood Technologies Incorporated, with responsibility of the day to day operations of Cherrywood, including CherryColo and CherryIT.
Brian Wing
Chief Financial Officer
Brian Wing has run a few companies thoughout the past decade. From game server hosting, web hosting, to owning a multi-million dollar server manufacturing company since 2002.
Graham Frank
Lead Administrator & Chairman
Graham Frank is a master of everything IT. Having knowledge of multiple programming languages and databases. Strong suits of cloud computing, load balancing, network administrations, web clusters, windows and linux based systems.
Kyle Schneiderman
Lead Developer & Chairman
A coding genius is what Kyle is! He has developed multiple succesful sites, the latest being Rackmounts Etc.
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